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We are proud to do these minimally-invasive, surgical, medical-cosmetic and aesthetic treatments with the highest level of professionalism and expertise that meets the desires of our patients.

Hair Transplant Surgery Steps 

To have hair transplant surgery you should contact us and get online consultation

for hair transplant surgery you need to fly to Istanbul for 3 or 4 days 

Turkeymed - Hair Transplant in Turkey
Send your hair pictures from different directions
Choose your operation date & book your flight to Istanbul
Medical dressing & instructions on the 2nd day of the surgery
Get consultation information with number of grafts and cost of the surgery
Direct consultation with our surgeon and start the surgery

Do hair transplants really work?

We completed 250+ Hair Implant &
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Friendly service from the moment I arrived I felt most welcome and comfortable. Transplant outcome was excellent I am recommending Turkeymed to anyone considering traveling to Istanbul for hair transplant.
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Johnathan Hough

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Frequently Asked Questions

About hair transplant surgery in Turkey

Who can perform hair Transplant surgery?

any person has enough healthy hair in the donor area scalp under these conditions:

  • Between 18 and 65 years old
  • Doesn`t have any serious medical issues or illnesses
  • Male or female

What does FUE mean?

Follicular UNIT Extraction, done by extracting the hair follicles from scalp one by one and implanting them in the area suffer of hair loss. it`s safe, fast technique and doesn`t leave visible scars

it`s the best approved technique for hair harvesting from scalp

What is the best time to do hair transplant?

It is known that winter is the best time for hair transplantation to get better results.

But some new studies and research have reported that summer helps in facilitating better regeneration of the transplanted skin and hair after hair transplantation.

Nevertheless, caution must be exercised, avoiding direct sunlight, and not swimming for at least a month after the operation, as direct sunlight hinders the recovery process and may cause damage to the transplanted hair.

What are hair transplant techniques?

There are many techniques to perform hair transplant, such as FUE , DHI & sapphire-Fue

is there any warranty for transplanted hair ?

we give our patients warranty letter says that 80% of implanted hair in front and middle are lifetime guaranteed, and 50% of implanted hairs for crown area

What is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey?

Average cost for hair transplant surgery between 1500 to 2500 euro

this cost includes:

Hotel Accommodation, PRP therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma), Medications, Washing foam, Shampoo & Vitamins, transportations, Translator during the surgery date

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