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Female Hair Transplant

Can a woman have a hair transplant?

25% of women suffer from hair loss in their lifetime, which can have a negative impact that may affect a woman’s life significantly, and it can lead to psychological problems or even depression in some cases.
The issue of hair loss in women is often related to aging, post-pregnancy, or even thyroid disease, so people do not give the issue any importance at the beginning, but may be related to the family’s genetic history.
Therefore, we advise any girl or woman suffering from hair loss to investigate the cause of this hair loss that she suffers from first before taking any other action.
After making that diagnosis and knowing the main reason, she can take the appropriate treatment like some types of special creams, minoxidil sprays, and vitamins, or go for a hair transplant as a last choice for this problem

Female Hair Transplant

زراعة الشعر للنساء

How is a female hair transplant done?

There is an important point that anyone seeking to get a hair transplant should know,
It is not possible to have the hair coverage that was before hair loss happened,
but the hair transplantation process may hide weak areas of hair and give more density.

The process of hair transplantation for women is an ideal solution for many women suffering from hair loss
Hair Transplant for women and men have the same procedure and steps and
The same techniques can be used during them, which are either the FUE technique, DHI technique, and the sapphire technique
There are some differences between hair transplantation for women and men,
such as the number of hair follicles and the shape of the hair front line
The specialist will determine these details after the consultation

The surgery is done by extracting hair follicles from the donor area by FUE
technique then implanting hair follicles in the scalp receiving area
But there are two ways of implantation
FUE technique, which requires opening the hair channels first, then inserting
the hair follicles into the channels. With this method, the hair must be completely shaved,
and perhaps it is not the preferred technique for women.
DHI technique: done by inserting hair follicles into the scalp through Choi pens.
This technique does not require shaving hair in the receiving area, but only in the donor area to
facilitate the extraction of hair follicles from it.

Does hair transplant have permanent results?

After transplanting hair follicles in the areas affected by hair loss, the recovery of the operation areas takes about three weeks, After that the person begins to notice the transplanted hair loss, and it is normal for the transplanted hair to fall out in the first three months after the operation.

Is hair transplant really successful?

Hair transplantation is one of the operations that is characterized by a high success rate, but this rate varies from one patient to another.
The success rate of the operation is usually very high in the frontal area of ​​the head, but rather low in the crown area
Also, the success rate of the operation depends on the number of hairs available in each of the single hair follicle
As some follicles are characterized by the number of three or four hairs others have one single hair
In addition, the type of nutrition of the person undergoing the operation plays an important role in determining the level of success of the operation

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Generally lasts between 6 to 8 hours, the patient will have a lunch break during it

No, By using the DHI technique you don’t have to shave your head for a hair transplant. The surgeon will only have to shave the part of the head where the donated hair comes from. The hair follicle will then be transferred to where you want your hair to grow.

Generally, the hair growth rate for the front area after a female hair transplant is very high you can expect more than 90% of implanted hair to survive and grow in the next 8 months after surgery, and the crown area hair growth rate is lower.

We give our patients a warranty letter saying that 80% of implanted hair is lifetime guaranteed.