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At Turkeymed, we are committed to assisting clients in regaining their self-confidence and achieving results in hair restoration that are both natural and long-lasting. We offer cutting-edge techniques and bespoke solutions that are adapted to the specific requirements of each individual patient, thanks to our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in hair transplantation.

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Taifour Kd

Awesome experience! Highly recommended. Honestly, I didn’t expect to like everyone and have that high level of service. But everyone was nice, clean, & professional including the doctor, the crew, and the admin staff (especially Alaa). The clinic was super clean and luxurious. The meal was great. The instructions and the results is great so far “as of the 4th week after surgery”. Thanks to everyone helped and got involved to make my experience such a great and successful one.

Boris Krustev

It is too early to say something about my result because I did the procedure just three weeks ago but I am sure it will be perfect. This clinic was recommended by a friend and his brother who have great results. All the staff of Turkeymed are very kind and professional, so I highly recommend Turkeymed to everyone interested in hair transplantation as well.

Anika Jones

I had a hair transplant with the Turkeymed clinic a few days ago, and my hair looks great. I am so happy with all the services I received during my trip to Istanbul. I stayed in their 5-star hotel, which was great. They met me at the airport and gave me all the treatments and vitamins I needed. I have to say that the Turkeymed staff is great and they care about every detail. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to get a hair transplant.

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any person has enough healthy hair in the donor area scalp under these conditions:

  • Between 18 and 65 years old
  • Doesn`t have any serious medical issues or illnesses
  • Male or female

Follicular UNIT Extraction is done by extracting the hair follicles from the scalp one by one and implanting them in the area that suffers of hair loss. it`s a safe, fast technique and doesn`t leave visible scars

it`s the best approved technique for hair harvesting from scalp

It is known that winter is the best time for hair transplantation to get better results.

But some new studies and research have reported that summer helps in facilitating better regeneration of the transplanted skin and hair after hair transplantation.

Nevertheless, caution must be exercised, avoiding direct sunlight, and not swimming for at least a month after the operation, as direct sunlight hinders the recovery process and may cause damage to the transplanted hair.

There are many techniques to perform hair transplant, such as FUE , DHI & sapphire-Fue

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Expertise and Practical Application: Our team is made up of hair transplant surgeons that have received certifications and have a wealth of practical application expertise in the feild. In order to provide the best possible outcomes, we ensure that we are always current with the most recent developments and methods.

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Hair Transplant Surgery Schedule in Turkey

for hair transplant surgery you need to fly to Istanbul for 4 days 


You arrive at Istanbul Airport, Our Driver will be waiting for you at the airport to take you Hotel for rest.

THE Second DAY

You have breakfast morning, then our driver will pick you up to the clinic to see our surgeon and do the blood tests.
After blood test results come, we shave the hair.
During the consultation, we will draw your hairline and take some pictures before we start

After All that is done, we start the surgery with local anesthesia operation period is about 6-7 hours and after the surgery, we put a bandage on the backside of your head then we take you hotel again to rest.


We gonna see you again to take the bandage off and do a laser treatment for your hair to help with more fast recovery and maximize the success rate of the surgery

THE Fourth DAY

is your free day and our driver will take you back to the airport if you plan to fly directly after you finish the surgery